About Evolve WA

Evolve’s professional development and community education courses are designed to build individual abilities and future proof organisations by developing practical skills in an engaging, interactive format, packed with real-world examples, tools and templates and take-home resources.

Why Choose US As Your Training Partner?

We offer custom training solutions for organisations or large groups, tailored to suit your needs and industry context. Our specialised courses are suitable for corporate and government clients, as well as community services and healthcare organisations.

Alternatively, our Public Training Calendar is an affordable option for individuals and organisations to meet their personal or professional development needs.

Data for 2021/2022

Our track record

Training For Organisations

We’ve delivered over 300 Custom Courses, each with up to 24 attendees, and trained people in over 430 Government, Commercial, Not-for-profit and Education organisations.

Custom Courses


Training For Individuals

Through our public calendar, we trained over 2,700 attendees across more than 280 courses.


Public Courses



A catalogue of more than 90 professional development courses from a variety of disciplines created & delivered by a skilled team.



Average attendee rating of 4.8/5 across all courses delivered in the last 3 years.



Use our public courses to train small numbers of staff. For higher volumes and better value, book a dedicated course for up to 24 attendees.



Our course content can be customised to address the specific needs and focus of your organisation.



Courses can be delivered from our venues in Perth, or your premises anywhere in Australia.



Courses are delivered in a classroom format, or live online, or both.


Most courses are of 1-day duration, minimising staff absence, while still enabling them to learn new skills.



Many courses can be adapted into conference-format presentations, to support significantly larger audiences.

Our Capability

We offer a range of innovative services to help people develop and organisations evolve, with a special focus on enhancing your workplace culture and interpersonal relationships.

Applicable to our day-to-day work, with a high-impact presentation style, Evolve’s courses elevate the conversation, transform messaging and create a more connected and inclusive organisation.

Aboriginal Culture and Wellbeing

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Community Support Worker Tools

Conflict and De-escalation

Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership and Management

Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Operational Skills

Public Speaking

Resilience and Wellbeing