Our Team

At Evolve, our mission is to deliver innovative, high-quality training and special initiatives, which help people, organisations and communities evolve.

To achieve this, we have gathered a team of diverse and highly skilled professionals, who we are pleased to introduce below.

Katrina Bercov, Director

Katrina Bercov, Director

Evolve WA is directed by owner and principal, Katrina Bercov. She works extensively in curriculum design and content writing as well as all aspects of our event management services.

An adult education and human development specialist, Katrina draws on a tertiary background in business and psychology, with a Graduate Diploma in Education (Training & Development).

Katrina also brings many years of experience in the community and mental health sectors, including four years managing training and events for peak body, the WA Association for Mental Health. While there, Katrina established Western Australia’s largest mental health training curriculum and the inaugural WA Mental Health Conference.

In addition to traditional classroom training, Katrina has unusual skills in the design of experiential learning programs, created to explore issues, such as corporate challenges, hypotheticals, simulations, survival events, trading and negotiation games, interactive theatre, and role-play events.

Our Staff

Cath Harper, Director of Communications and Systems

Cath harper is a former lawyer who practised corporate law in Sydney before spending a decade working in Spain. Upon returning to WA, Cath has built a new career in fundraising, events and communications…

Cath worked in event management, business development and communications roles for Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Cancer Support WA, and the WA Association for Mental Health, before joining Evolve in mid-2018.

Cath plays a key role in quality control for our training program as lead editor for the organisation, as well as managing the organisation’s communications and systems.

Cath initially worked as Evolve’s conference organiser, with particular focus on sponsorship management. In addition to positive financial outcomes, Cath possesses a special talent for building and maintaining real relationships with funding organisations.


Paul Montague, Director of People and Services

Paul has decades of experience in training and group facilitation and has worked extensively with corporate, government and community sector clients, covering areas such as communication skills, advocacy, community building, engaging stakeholders and mental health…

Paul also has extensive experience in writing and directing, mentorship, and leading and managing diverse teams, and as Evolve’s Director of People and Services he supports training quality and provides educator development and wellbeing for the team.

Paul Underwood, Business Development Manager

Paul has had extensive experience of business development across a wide range of sectors, including government, commercial, not-for-profit and many others. By building close working relationships with Evolve’s clients, he strives to find the ideal professional development solution to meet their unique and varied needs.

Laura Young, Events Administrator

Laura Young is a skilled administration professional, who has worked extensively with local businesses and brings strong attention to detail and outstanding customer service skills to the Evolve team…

In addition to providing a high level of customer service and handling most enquiries, Laura is our ticketing specialist, who will ensure a smooth and effective registration system and assist with reporting requirements. Laura’s background aligns well with the Evolve values, as she has previously hosted workshops based around personal growth, acceptance, and building self-esteem.

Jane Sherwood, Accounts Officer

With a strong administrative background, Jane has extensive experience in managing accounts for numerous organisations. Jane manages the financials and accounts at Evolve….

In addition to this, Jane is an essential figure in the delivery of conferences and events, including the first annual People with Disabilities Conference held in November 2020 and the WA Tenancy Conference 2021.

Robyn Williams, Events Assistant

Robyn Williams assists us with our training logistics and on-site event requirements….

An experienced small business owner and educator with decades of experience, she draws on eight years’ experience as a TAFE lecturer and holds post graduate qualifications in both sustainability and facilitation and organisational communication.

Robyn provides our clients with practical support and assists with the preparation for a wide range of services and events.

Lincoln Hood, Hospitality Assistant

Lincoln Hood is a Canadian currently residing in Perth where she is a PhD candidate studying marine science. Her passion for science, the environment, and sustainability help fuel her research. However, her love of people and socializing led her to build her experience in the hospitality industry, both in Canada and Australia. ..

Lincoln works closely with Robyn to provide hospitality assistance and support for training courses and other events.

Willhemina Farmer, Aboriginal Training Consultant

Willhemina Farmer is a proud noongar woman from the great southern with cultural and personal networks from Broome to Esperance…

She draws on 30 years of experience in government partnerships and community initiatives delivering services in community development, health and mental health. Her experience includes working at an advisory level on national, state and regional projects.

Willa studied at Curtin University and Marr- Mooditj college in narrative therapy, aboriginal community management and development.

Willa is also qualified aboriginal mental health first aid instructor and has managed trainers across Australia.

Willhemina has a strong commitment and passion for justice and equal rights of all Australians, including “stolen generation” issues and issues related to recovery from alcohol/drug addiction and substance use.

Gilda Mercer, AWARE Project Coordinator

Gilda has a wealth of experience in adult training, co-design and consultation in both the private and public sector…

She has qualifications in business, governance, training and sustainability which took her overseas for a decade working in some very exotic locations.

Having spent seven years working with a wide range of community organisations at Volunteering WA, Gilda is a valuable addition to our team.

We have a team of highly qualified and engaging trainers delivering our courses

Jessica Sharp

Jessica Sharp

Communication + Interpersonal Skills | Human Resources, Diversity + Inclusion | Mental health + Wellbeing

Jessica Sharp is a senior social worker and experienced adult educator, holding both a Bachelor of Social Work and a Diploma of Facilitation.

Jessica has extensive experience in case management, service provision, and advisory and leadership roles across the community and public sectors, including Anglicare, The Smith Family, The Ardoch Youth Foundation and the Department of Child Protection.

Her experience includes working in the foster care system, in child protection roles, at-risk youth programs, Indigenous and multicultural groups and extensively as a professional educator for clinicians and sector workers.

While a skilled practitioner and experienced organisational leader and team manager, Jessica’s true passion is adult education. She has been facilitating groups for more than 20 years, including five years for the WA Health Department’s Training Centre.

Jessica has delivered successful training across regional WA and has expertise in communication skills, mental health and wellbeing, sustainability, community development, building partnerships, collaboration and conflict resolution.

Trish Hill Wall

Trish Hill Wall

Aboriginal Culture + Wellbeing | Community + Healthcare Services | Mental Health + Wellbeing

Trish Hill Wall is an Aboriginal woman from the Southwest of Western Australia and belongs to the Wadandi, Bibbulmun and Minang bloodline on her father’s side and Ballardong, Wilmen and Whudjuk on her mother’s side (Calgaret).

Trish holds a Bachelor Applied Science with a major in Mental Health and Counselling, a VC Award (Curtin) University, a Graduate Diploma in Education and is a Nationally Accredited Trainer and Assessor.

Trish has been an educator for over 20 years, including positions as senior lecturer, courses coordinator mental health, Acting Dean Centre for Aboriginal Studies, and senior educator at Marr Mooditj Aboriginal Health College.

Her experience includes lecturing at Curtin and Notre Dame Universities and extends from teaching undergraduates to master students in psychology, nursing and midwifery, medical schools, and arts and science. She has particular experience in developing training packages that are conducive to the needs of Aboriginal people.

Paul Montague

Paul Montague

Communication + Interpersonal Skills | Human Resources, Diversity + Inclusion | Mental Health + Wellbeing

Paul Montague is a gifted communications specialist and a qualified educator, holding a degree with a double major in Drama and Education and a postgraduate qualification in Theology.

He has served on the national nomination panel for the Helpmann Awards (Comedy) and the WA Workshop Co-ordinator of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s ‘Deadly Funny’ Indigenous Comedy Program.

Paul has decades of experience in training and group facilitation and has worked extensively with corporate, government and community sector clients, covering areas such as communication skills, advocacy, community building, engaging stakeholders and mental health. He also has extensive experience in writing and directing, mentorship, and leading and managing diverse teams.

In addition, Paul has more than 25 years’ experience as a performer and multi-award-winning professional comedian and actor, with credits in film, television, theatre and too many TV commercials.

Lynn MacLaren

Lynn MacLaren

Communication + Interpersonal Skills | Community Building, Advocacy + Stakeholder Engagement | Governance + Leadership

Lynn MacLaren is a well-known social justice and human rights advocate whose passion for community representation led to her being elected to Parliament for two terms. She was the first American elected to the WA State Parliament, where dual citizenship is not a barrier.

In addition to her parliamentary experience, Lynn has many years of experience as a writer, a small business operator and as a project and policy officer with the Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS). An experienced leader and media spokesperson, Lynn has extensive experience in project management, networking, leading and managing teams.

In addition to training with Evolve, Lynn consults with community organisations around capacity building and volunteers on not-for-profit boards.

Marni Galvanin

Marni Galvanin

Community + Healthcare Services | Mental Health + Wellbeing

Marni Galvanin has a tertiary background in psychology, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Special Needs, and a postgraduate qualification in Family Therapy.

Marni has extensive experience working in the community and mental health sectors with young people, adults and families. This work has included the provision of counselling, support and advocacy in relation to complex health issues. She is also a skilled educator, specialising in delivering training services in the areas of positive psychology, wellness and resilience.

In addition to her clinical qualifications, Marni is a qualified yoga instructor and has completed training in mindfulness, which she uses to complement her clinical training.

Chris Bedding

Chris Bedding

Communication + Interpersonal Skills| Community + Healthcare Services | Community Building, Advocacy + Stakeholder Engagement | Governance + Leadership | Mental Health + Wellbeing

Chris Bedding is an experienced teacher and university lecturer who has completed the Director’s program at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and holds a Bachelor of Theology.

Chris is a highly skilled adult educator who has run a wide range of adult education programs, including Non-violent Direct Action. He is also a committed community organiser and has held a range of community governance and leadership roles.

His broad experience has allowed him to work in aged care facilities and hospitals, schools and universities, community organisations and NGOs. He has a passion for community development, having established programs to build connections between people of diverse age, culture and religion.

Whether on radio, in front of a crowd, teaching school children or facilitating group dialogue, Chris is a skilled communicator with a knack for engaging audiences with humour and storytelling.

Hayley Grant

Hayley Grant

Communication + Interpersonal Skills | Mental Health + Wellbeing | Community + Healthcare Services

Hayley Grant is a registered psychologist who also holds a Graduate Diploma in Education, a Certificate IV in Training and Development, a Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety, and a Certificate IV in Mental Health. She is also an accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Hayley is an experienced and passionate adult educator, with a particular interest in mental health training and facilitation. In her work she draws on many years’ experience delivering psychological services, counselling, training and facilitating in the public and private mental health sectors. Working directly in the community mental health sector, she has extensive skills and knowledge related to the assessment, treatment, support and advocacy of people with a mental illness.

Hayley has also undertaken university studies in law and has expertise in communication skills, legal issues for community organisations, youth work, AOD issues, and advocacy skills.

Wayne Coles

Wayne Coles

Aboriginal Culture + Wellbeing | Community + Healthcare Services | Mental Health + Wellbeing

Wayne Coles is a senior Noongar man who is fluent in Noongar language.

Wayne holds a Certificate IV in Community Service – Drug and Alcohol Services, a Certificate IV in Aboriginal Education and a Certificate IV – Frontline Management, and also has qualifications in Counselling and Narrative Therapy. He is a Noongar Language teacher and an accredited Master Trainer for Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid.

Wayne has worked extensively with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups around Western Australia, including many regional and remote locations, holding a range of senior roles in community services organisations.

He now specialises in training and mentoring, drawing on many years’ experience in counselling, education and mental health to deliver these services to both Aboriginal people and those working with Aboriginal communities.

Wayne is passionate about mental health education and Aboriginal wellbeing, as well as issues of social justice, disempowerment and caring for the vulnerable.

Emma Boyne

Emma Boyne

Communication + Interpersonal Skills| Community + Healthcare Services | Mental Health + Wellbeing

Emma Boyne holds a postgraduate qualification in Health Promotion and a Bachelor of Science, as well as a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Certificate IV in Mental Health. Emma is also an accredited instructor for Standard and Blended Mental Health First Aid Courses.

An experienced adult educator and mental health trainer and facilitator, Emma has worked for more than 20 years with government, not-for-profit, universities and community groups delivering training and health promotion programs.

She has a particular interest in mental health and wellbeing, and in developing and delivering programs that enhance wellbeing and quality of life in individuals and the community. Emma is part of UWA’s national award-winning Fit for Study program.

Rachel Pemberton

Rachel Pemberton

Communication + Interpersonal Skills | Community Building, Advocacy + Stakeholder Engagement | Governance + Leadership | Marketing, Events + Operational Skills

Rachel Pemberton is a communications professional with a degree in Arts Management and a postgraduate qualification from the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute.

Rachel has more than 20 years’ experience managing and delivering community projects and strategic communications campaigns. She has extensive experience in media liaison, public relations, events management and community engagement as well as significant social media and digital campaigning skills. She has also developed and implemented many strategic communications plans.

A specialist in sustainability and community engagement skills, her experience in the government sector, both as an employee and elected member, provides a solid foundation in governance issues, policy development and implementation, and the legislative framework.

Rachel is an outgoing public speaker whose personable style and fascinating experiences bring real-life examples to enrich her training sessions.

Jess Lally

Jess Lally

Communication + Interpersonal Skills | Human Resources, Diversity + Inclusion | Mental Health + Wellbeing

Jess Lally is a qualified educator, holding a Bachelor of Education (ECU) and a Certificate of English Language Training for Adults (CELTA, Cambridge University).

An experienced teacher of all ages from school children to adults in tertiary and vocational sectors, Jess is passionate about sharing knowledge. She is also an actor, speaker, director and coach, and loves nothing more than what others often fear most: public speaking and facilitating a group. In addition, Jess also has extensive skills in writing and speaking training and interpersonal interaction management.

Drawing on her personal experiences in classrooms, theatres and varied workplaces, her relaxed and accessible approach encourages the sharing of ideas and a collaborative learning experience which is respectful, insightful, informative and fun.

When she is not teaching and training, she is often performing or producing theatre around Perth.

Elisa Williams

Elisa Williams

Communication + Interpersonal Skills | Community Building, Advocacy + Stakeholder Engagement | Marketing, Events + Operational Skills

Elisa Williams is a qualified educator and experienced trainer and has extensive experience with the community and government sectors. In addition, Elisa draws upon decades of local and international experience as an educator and 15 years of senior management experience in the non-profit sector.

Elisa has delivered hundreds of education programs across WA, including extensive work in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions, supporting communities dealing with significant disadvantage and adversity.

Elisa has recently submitted her PhD at Edith Cowan University and is due to graduate with a Doctorate in Education.