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Our Communication and Interpersonal Skills Courses

Effective communication is essential for all human interactions and can transform the way an organisation operates, both internally and with the wider world.

Enhancing the skills of relationship building and language mastery, these courses are packed with a range of practical tools that can be used to revolutionise everyday communications. The courses interlink to elevate the conversation, transform messaging and create a more connected and inclusive organisation with a common language and more aligned goals.

Who are these courses for?

Valuable for both the personal and professional lives of participants, these courses are suitable for anyone seeking to improve their communication skills.

Intervention skills for making a difference

Knowing how to intervene in a case of danger or injustice is a core life skill which can often protect the vulnerable and prevent serious harm. This course teaches the practical steps a bystander can take to reduce risk and make a difference in the moment.

Understand generational differences

Each generation has its own work expectations and communication style. This course will help bridge the communication gaps between the generations and highlights the value that each generational perspective can bring to the workplace.

Becoming a change-maker

Advocacy is a communication-driven form of changemaking. This course will provide you with the skills, tools and knowledge to have a real impact when advocating for yourself or another individual.

Holding the space

Designed to develop skills to lead and facilitate group activities and discussions in a variety of professional settings, this course explores how to lay the foundations for effective group processes and what it takes to create safe spaces and keep participants engaged.

Responding when the need arises

Many aspects of our lives involve informal but often vitally important counselling situations. This two-day course teaches participants a series of structured, discussion-based counselling tools which will allow them to engage and support others when required.

Compassion, clarity, courage

In the workplace, difficult conversations may include conflicting opinions, giving feedback, addressing complaints or delivering bad news. This course provides a structured, proactive approach to handling these conversations, which is also mindful of workplace legislation.

Building your EQ

Our Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage our own emotions and sensitively respond to those of others. This course helps participants identify and develop EQ skills for use in their professional and personal lives.

Specialist skills for the disability sector

How we respond to a potential crisis can make the difference between smooth resolution and an emergency situation. Based on our popular standard De-escalation course, this specialist version is designed especially for disability sector professionals.

Reflection, review, resilience

Debriefing is a critical professional skill which can mean the difference between rectifying issues with continuous improvement and continually repeating the same experiences. This practical course teaches a structured and planned approach to the art of debriefing.

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