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True leaders inspire their people and lead the culture of their organisation by example.

These courses approach leadership education from a strengths-based, authentic leadership framework. They emphasise reflective practice and values-driven decision making, which promotes transparent and ethical leadership, grounded in genuine and evolving self-awareness.

Who are these courses for?

Designed for leaders, managers, board members and those with strategic influence, through to supervisors and emerging leaders, these courses explore big picture issues for organisational direction and managing people.

Finding and keeping effective teams

Volunteers are essential to most community organisations, and effective management is vital to attracting and retaining volunteers. This course provides tools to assist supervisors in community organisations.

Building better relationships

Culture influences how we perform across all spheres of life, including the workplace. Run by an Aboriginal trainer, this course will help managers build better professional relationships with Aboriginal staff and ensure culturally appropriate management practices.

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Personal presence, charisma, impact

Gravitas is the ability to project confidence and authority, while remaining compassionate and authentic. Blending organisational psychology with tools used by performers, this two-day course is designed to develop natural gravitas in participants.

Identify and address psychosocial risk

Western Australia’s WHS legislation requires all organisations to actively identify, manage and address psychosocial hazards. This course explores the nature of mental health hazards and psychological injury in the workplace and how they are best managed.

Diverse personalities and how to engage them

This evidence-driven course draws on psychological research to develop skills for communicating with people with a wide range of perspectives and behaviours. It will equip participants to build stronger relationships and better manage challenging conversations.

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