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Tue, 5 Dec

Covering specialised situations and behaviours, this course further develops skills to prevent violence and respond to aggression.

Thu, 7 Dec

Gain a better understanding of the trauma experience and be equipped to provide more appropriate and empathetic services.

Tue, 12 Dec

Workplaces must offer equal access, equity and inclusion to all people. Learn how to move beyond compliance and create places that celebrate diverse strengths.

Wed, 13 Dec

Learn to communicate in an open, honest and assertive manner, and develop confidence in interpersonal situations, without being either aggressive or passive.

Thu, 14 Dec

This engaging course focuses on practical skills for promoting anything, including non-tangibles such as services, events and messages.

Wed, 21 Feb

+Thu, 22 Feb

Internationally recognised two-day crisis response course and Mental Health First Aid accreditation.

Tue, 27 Feb

Led by an Aboriginal trainer, explore ways to make organisations and communication more welcoming, inclusive and culturally safe for Aboriginal people.

Wed, 28 Feb

This introductory course provides practical de-escalation tools and techniques to help prevent violence and defuse volatile situations.

Thu, 29 Feb

Learn how to maximise the success of grant applications so that community organisations can continue to deliver services and achieve their objectives.

Tue, 5 Mar

Develop skills for communicating with people with a range of perspectives and behaviours, building stronger relationships and managing challenging conversations.