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Tue, 19 Mar

Gain a general understanding of mental health issues and learn how to support staff and understand the legal compliance/duty of care requirements for managers.

Wed, 20 Mar

Explore the effects of intergenerational trauma and how it presents in people’s lives to assist in providing more appropriate and empathetic services.

Thu, 21 Mar

Based on a psychologically informed approach, this course introduces techniques to enhance communication and be persuasive.

Thu, 21 Mar

Practical and engaging, this course for managers will build skills in identifying and working with neurodivergent people and getting the best from diverse teams.

Tue, 26 Mar

Self-regulation of emotions is a process governing our responses to experiences and environment. Learn strategies for modulating responses and managing mood.

Wed, 27 Mar

This practical course provides a flexible template for creating a strategic plan, and the skills and resources to create a tailored plan for your organisation.

Thu, 28 Mar

Discover the benefits of solution-focused therapy, a practical, outcome-oriented approach to counselling, applicable across diverse health and community settings.

Tue, 16 Apr

Explore the impacts of vicarious trauma, and how professionals who support survivors of traumatic events can prepare for and recover from vicarious trauma.

Wed, 17 Apr

Acquire the skills, tools and knowledge to have a real impact when advocating for yourself or another individual.

Thu, 18 Apr

This introductory course provides practical de-escalation tools and techniques to help prevent violence and defuse volatile situations.