Our Venues

Online via Zoom

Evolve’s online courses are conducted AS live, real-time group training sessions via the Zoom platform.

Unlike self-paced courses, or pre-recorded events, our courses are interactive with active participation and immediate feedback.

To participate in an online course with us, it is essential to prepare the following:

  • Quiet Workspace: Ensure you have access to a quiet and comfortable space where you can connect to the Zoom course on your computer without distractions.
  • Stable Internet Connection: A reliable internet connection is crucial to remain connected to the course.
  • Equip Your Computer: Have a camera and microphone connected to your computer to participate in the sessions, interacting with the instructor and fellow participants.
  • Install Zoom: While not mandatory, we recommend installing the Zoom application on your computer to access additional functionality.
  • Avoid Phone or Tablet Attendance: For an optimal learning experience, we discourage attending the course via a phone or tablet.

Before the event, you will receive detailed instructions, including login details and all course materials.