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Effective communication is essential for all human interactions and can transform the way an organisation operates, both internally and with the wider world.

Enhancing the skills of relationship building and language mastery, these courses are packed with a range of practical tools that can be used to revolutionise everyday communications. The courses interlink to elevate the conversation, transform messaging and create a more connected and inclusive organisation with a common language and more aligned goals.

Who are these courses for?

Valuable for both the personal and professional lives of participants, these courses are suitable for anyone seeking to improve their communication skills.


Advanced MC skills

Join media personality and sought after MC, Carmen Braidwood, to learn the core skills needed to successfully perform the role of MC, while developing your own personal style.

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Prevent violence and defuse volatile situations

How we respond to a potential crisis can make the difference between smooth resolution and an emergency situation. This introductory course provides de-escalation tools and techniques for participants to respond appropriately to threatening, violent or aggressive behaviour.

How to influence decision-makers and change the world

Advocacy means speaking out on behalf of someone’s rights or best interests and systemic advocacy is about how we improve the system to make things better for everyone, rather than just an individual. This course provides foundation knowledge for effective systemic advocacy.

Introductory public speaking skills

Designed for beginners and those who feel nervous about public speaking, this course will boost confidence and upgrade speaking skills, focussing on confident delivery, managing anxiety, understanding audiences and structuring a speech.

Improve your presentations!

Designed for those who have completed an introductory course and/or have speaking experience, this course teaches specific skills for more impactful speaking, including techniques such as vocal range, verbal technique, stance, posture, and use of storytelling.

Perceptive, persuasive, powerful

Designed for those who have completed the intermediate public speaking course and/or have significant public speaking experience, this course develops specialist skills for those who wish to convince others, raise awareness or publicly advocate.

Use your lived experience to inspire others

Human beings respond more to stories than the most well-researched facts or persuasive arguments. This compelling course is designed to help participants harness the power of their own personal lived experience and share their story to support others.

Engage, influence and persuade

It takes more than facts to shift someone else’s thinking. We are often more influenced by factors such as the emotional impact of an argument. Based on a psychologically informed approach, this course introduces techniques to enhance communication and be persuasive.

Integrity, support, outcomes

Tailored for the needs of new and potential workplace managers, this course introduces the fundamental concepts and skills involved in leading a team and providing others with supervision and support, while forging team synergy and a positive work environment.

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