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Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice. Belonging is having that voice heard.

Research shows that inclusive organisations perform better across a range of measures including productivity, staff morale and retention, and professional effectiveness. One of Evolve’s core specialties is our suite of courses focused on creating workplaces that welcome and celebrate diversity.

These insightful courses explore concepts of intersectionality, personal difference, privilege, cultural inclusion, unconscious bias and systemic advantage, and examine the many facets of workplace diversity. They aim to shift the inclusion paradigm from something we do to accommodate minorities, to something we do so everyone feels welcome and included.

Who are these courses for?

These courses are particularly suitable for managers and supervisors. However, they are also useful for other staff and individuals looking to enhance their understanding and awareness of diversity and inclusion issues.

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Understand and support neurodivergent staff

How many neurodivergent staff are in your team and how do you accommodate their individual needs? Practical and engaging, this course for managers will build skills in identifying and working with neurodivergent people and getting the best from diverse teams.

Understand generational differences

Each generation has its own work expectations and communication style. This course will help bridge the communication gaps between the generations and highlights the value that each generational perspective can bring to the workplace.

Embracing diversity and welcoming everyone

Workplaces that embrace diversity and create a welcoming culture enjoy a range of benefits. This course explores diversity and the concepts of intersectionality, personal difference, privilege, cultural inclusion, unconscious bias and systemic advantage.

Improving inclusion and customising support

Sexual orientation and gender identity can have a profound impact on a person’s needs. This course provides contemporary education about the diversity of human sexuality and gender identity, as a foundation for improving the workplace environment and service provision.

Beyond compliance

Workplaces are required to offer equal access, equity and inclusion to people of all abilities, however in this course participants will learn how to go beyond compliance to create places that are universally accessible and celebrate diverse strengths.

Identity, insight, inclusion

Culture plays a huge role in the way we view the world, impacting our expectations, values and perspectives. This course explores practical ways to be more inclusive, responsive and appropriate when working with clients or colleagues from cultures other than our own.

Moving beyond awareness

Led by an experienced Aboriginal trainer, this course will help participants familiarise themselves with aspects of Aboriginal culture and explore ways to make their organisations and communication more welcoming, inclusive and culturally safe for Aboriginal people.

Building better relationships

Culture influences how we perform across all spheres of life, including the workplace. Run by an Aboriginal trainer, this course will help managers build better professional relationships with Aboriginal staff and ensure culturally appropriate management practices.

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