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Thu, 18 Apr

Led by an Aboriginal trainer, this course explores common mental health and wellbeing issues through an Aboriginal cultural lens.

Mon, 22 Apr

Refresh knowledge and skills, and renew Mental Health First Aid accreditation for a further 3 years.

Tue, 23 Apr

This course provides a structured, proactive approach to handling difficult conversations in the workplace, while being mindful of workplace legislation.

Wed, 24 Apr

Community consultation is the process of involving people in decision-making. Explore the types of consultation and learn specific skills for effective use.

Tue, 30 Apr

The ability to work collaboratively is a fundamental skill that many of us have never been taught. Learn what it takes to work more productively as a team.

Wed, 1 May

Learn how to maximise the success of grant applications so that community organisations can continue to deliver services and achieve their objectives.

Thu, 2 May

This course explores how we can create positive, effective relationships, within appropriate legal and ethical parameters.

Tue, 7 May

Designed for mental health workers and others having contact with people experiencing psychotic disorders, this course teaches practical ways to provide support.

Wed, 8 May

Learn how to build better professional relationships with Aboriginal staff and ensure culturally appropriate management practices.

Thu, 9 May

Develop skills for communicating with people with a range of perspectives and behaviours, building stronger relationships and managing challenging conversations.