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Tue, 11 Jun

This introductory course provides practical de-escalation tools and techniques to help prevent violence and defuse volatile situations.

Wed, 12 Jun

Practical and engaging, this course for managers will build skills in identifying and working with neurodivergent people and getting the best from diverse teams.

Thu, 13 Jun

Strengths-based practice focuses on building a person’s strengths and aptitudes. Improve existing skills in this area or gain important foundation knowledge.

Thu, 13 Jun

Develop skills for communicating with people with a range of perspectives and behaviours, building stronger relationships and managing challenging conversations.

Tue, 18 Jun

Develop skills to lead and facilitate group activities and discussions in a variety of community, professional and health settings.

Wed, 19 Jun

Learn how to improve the quality of documents and enhance the style, impact and clarity of professional written work.

Thu, 20 Jun

Learn to recognise warning signs of mental health issues and then provide caring intervention to encourage a person to seek help for those issues.

Wed, 26 Jun

Led by an Aboriginal trainer, explore ways to make organisations and communication more welcoming, inclusive and culturally safe for Aboriginal people.

Thu, 27 Jun

Learn to communicate in an open, honest and assertive manner, and develop confidence in interpersonal situations, without being either aggressive or passive.